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  • How can ExRBM be applied to all kinds of machines?

    Futuremain's platform ExRBM is designed to separately categorize machines and machine components to effectively analyze fault mechanisms, build diagnostic algorithms based on them, and diagnose the overall health of the machine.

    ExRBM is designed to be used on rotating and reciprocating machines commonly used in manufacturing factories or plants such as motors, pumps, fans, blowers, centrifugal compressors, reciprocating compressors, and turbines etc.
    In the case of generators, the purpose and function of use are completely different, but the same fault analysis model is used because they have the same structure as motors.
    Other factories are full of machines that share common components. For example, in the case of Booster Feed Pump, it consists of a drive motor and a pump, so machine faults can be detected by applying the fault analysis model pertaining to these components. It thus has the advantage of being able to diagnose defects in all the machines in a factory.

    In addition, the algorithm that analyzes the machine faults for each component of the machine was applied to the ExRBM platform.
    The components fault analysis database in the ExRBM platform include cloud bearings, sliding bearings, simple gears, planetary gears, seals, coupling, and belts, etc.

    Furthermore, the ExRBM platform includes a customization function that allows new machines or components to be added to the platform database and diagnosis models, so it can be used regardless of the type of factory or process.

    For the more detailed information,
    Please contact to our technical support team
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  • How can we trust the diagnosis result form ExRBM?

    The diagnosis of machine faults may differ from expert to expert.
    How can workers trust the fault diagnosis result from the ExRBM platform?

    Currently, diagnostic experts measure vibration data from machines and diagnose faults according to their experience.
    Therefore, the same machine fault can be diagnosed differently by different experts.
    Even misdiagnosis often occurs due to completely different analytical methods, this can be viewed as the same when doctors misdiagnose patients which causes serious issues.
    In Futuremain's platform development, this problem was considered the most serious and important so we did the following below to guarantee accurate results.

    1. Analyzing the types and mechanisms of all faults occurring in the machine,
    2. Each fault case is classified into a total of 10 stages,
    3. Designing an AI(neural network theory) algorithm.

    Thus we have now secured reliability in making more accurate diagnosis than diagnostic experts.
    In addition, Futuremain showed more than 99% accuracy in the reliability evaluation of comparing the ExRBM fault analysis results with the pre-existing diagnosis results when the ExRBM solution was applied to more than 120 operating machines.

    For the more detailed information,
    Please contact to our technical support team
    +82 031-893-9735

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