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Futuremain is a company devoted to making a better world through harmonious combination of high technology and human to give humans more convenient and secure environment and make technology smarter. Futuremain Co.m Ltd. is a professional engineering & technology consulting company that creates safe and valuable future for our customers through advanced engineering technology and specialized equipment diagnosis and evaluation technology for equipment. Futuremain has over 30 years of know-how and specialized facility maintenance methods to provide the best service and specialized technologies and solution to our customers.
Just as the earth continues to revolve around the sun, Futuremain is pursuing'craftsmanship of technology' to find and develop technologies that benefit the world through constant research.
Based on the spirit, Futuremain has developed a smart platform 'ExRBM', which allows the factory's machinery to diagnose its own faults, and to present the cause of faults and appropriate countermeasures manual. Futuremain promises to spread our excellent technology around the world and to make your technology smarter and make you feel more comfortable and secure.