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Now Smart Factory is coming up where with the advancement of advanced technologies such as ICT, IIot and sensor technology, factories can implement production, process control and risk detection, find out the problem of equipment and process by themselves, and make a self-diagnosis to suggest countermeasure.

IoT or ICT technology in factory is an important and essential technology that enables data collection for plant and process optimization.
ExRBM can receive data
from up to 120 sensors
simultaneously, which enables
transmission and analysis.
How is this technology used in the factory?

For the optimal managemnet of equipment and processes, it is important to collect equipment data. By installing various sensors in the facility, it is possible to collect various data that can be used to monitor the state of equipment and process through sensors. Once you have collected data, you can analyze the data, which enables you to identify the current state of the plant and factory and predict the future and maintain it. As such, it is IIot and ICT technologies that enable the collection and sharing of data for critical facilities. Futuremain's Smart Factory Solution ExRBM is equipped with IIot and ICT technology, and when installed in the equipment that you have, it communicates with each sensor and automatically transmits the data, collects it, stores it and helps to analyze it precisely. In addition, by analyzing facility data in real time, it can promptly notify the facility manager or the person in charge of the problem in case of a problem so that they can cope with the problem promptly.
Big Data
It refers to large-scale data that exceeds the range that can be stored, managed, and analyzed as a general database. It is data that can collect, analyze, process, store, and present various types of data.

We are increasingly demanding verification by judging the actual value of bing data utilization and a lot of knowledge and experience about our profession becomes key issue as new Biz/ Service Model such as mobile and IOT is created.
ExRBM displays data that
can collect, analyze, store,
and present various types
of data.
How is this technology used in the factory?

Smart Factory utilizes large data such as error detection, process optimization analysis, and precaution to prevent accidents in advance so that it can be possible to prevent waste of raw material costs and optimize the process by improving the production process and yield.
In futuremain, the data collected by the know-how accumulated over 30 years in the field of noise and vibration of equipment is accurately classified according to the need and purpose, and the quipment is monitored automatically and diagnosed in a fast and safe manner. By diagnosing and presenting countermeasures when symptom is found, even non-specialists can quickly respond to faults.
Rather than analyzing data and getting conclusions, our group of specialists can diagnose the site in real-time to help field managers to respond quickly.
AI(Artificial Intelligence)
The dictionary definition of artificial intelligence is the artificial intelligence created by humans or intelligent being or systems.

Because artificial intelligence is software, it does not exist in its own right, but it has a lot of direct and indirect links with other areas of computer science. It is the area where particularly in modern times, there have been trials to use artificial intelligence technology elements in various fields such as robot, data analysis, and automobile to solve problem in the field and so attracts the attention of everybody.
ExRBM has the capability of
analyzing data by AI in
the facility, further enhancing
the level of the equipment.
How is this technology used in the factory?

As artificial intelligence technology, which has been in the R&D area recently, solves a real problem, a platform that can easily use artificial intelligence technology is emerging, In the field of facility diagnostics, we also need a knowledge-based facility defect automatic diagnosis and integrated management solution, which accumulated facility diagnosis data accumulated while it is operated with artificial intelligence technology is applied. In Futuremain, neuromorphic technology similar to human brain among artificial intelligence technologies for Automatic Diagnosis Algorithm of Facility faults is applied in order to classify complex and various types faults and to derive optimal diagnosis results. By setting weights for each step, measurement parameters are set so that faults can be classified according to the strength of the combination even in the same type of faults. Reliable collection of equipment defect information can be achieved by installing additional sensors in the existing installed monitoring system.
Innovative Technologies
The technology development seems to be culmination in the entire world. So many countries are investing heavily in research and education to win technology competition with other countries.

Especially, in order to strengthen manufacturing competitiveness in the 4th industrial revolution, new technologies of smart factories have been highlighted. In the manufacturing sector, the need for stable management is increasing due to the low labor force due to low birth rate and the risk of the field. Smart Factory is the right way to solve these problems.
ExRBM has the best facility
diagnosis technology ahead
overseas facility
diagnosis technology.
How is this technology used in the factory?

In the current facility management system. there are problems of process such as loss of facility downtime, difficulties in early coping, lack of information data construction system, outsourcing of diagnostic experts, lower utilization of internal human resources and cost loss. However, Futuremain diagnoses faults on its own and suggests countermeasures, systemizes and analyzes facility information data, and offers solution such as the cost of external consulting and the utilization of internal human resources. By combining innovative new technology development and cutting-edge technology currently being used, we prepare or the reduction of labor due to low birth rate, develop automated production system by machine, apply IoT, artificial intelligence, and big data to factory and machine to increase performance and keep it at its best. If a facility breaks down, it solves the problems of safety risk and enormous economic loss, and will respond successfully to the 4th industrial revolution that is attracting attention from all over the world.